At Bye Bye Hair Brazilian Wax we want your waxing experience to be quick and comfortable, so we always use the wax that is best suited to your specific body part.

Hard honey wax allows for fast, efficient waxing results. It’s a strip-free wax that adheres to fine and course hair without sticking to the skin, making it great for sensitive areas. It is the most gentle wax, so we use it for the bikini and brazilian areas. Contact us to book your appointment!

For Her

Eyebrow $15
Upper Lip $5
Chin $13
Nose $10
Side Burns $15
Full Face $40
Underarm $12
Half Arms $25
Full Arms $30
Half Legs $30
Full Legs $50
Bikini Line $25
Brazilian Wax $35
Back $30
Neck $10
Areola $10
Back Brazilian $20
Buttocks $15
Chest $10
Stomach $20
Lower Back $10
Feet/Hands $10
Full Body Special (Underarm, Full Leg And Brazilian) $65

For Him

Eyebrow $20
Neck Line $15
Nose $10
Ear $10
Shoulders $15
Chest $30
Stomach $30
Full Arms $40
Half Arms $30
Underarms $15
Full Legs $55
Half Legs $40
Bikini Line $45
Brazilian Wax $60
Lower Back $20
Back $40
Back Brazilian $25
Buttocks $25
Feet/Hands $10
Full Body Special (Not Including Face and Full Arms) $175


Sugaring is made with lemon juice, sugar and water, and is heated until it acquires the consistency of taffy candy. The molecules of sugaring are small, making the process easier and more thorough.

​Because sugaring is applied at the same temperature as your body, it does not put your body into alert mode, making the process less painful. Also, it doesn’t contain resin, so it doesn’t only adheres to hair and dead skin, making sugaring perfect for sensitive skin. Get in touch with our waxing salon to get started!

For Her

Eyebrows $20
Lip $10
Chin $15
Neck $25
Half Legs $80
Full Legs $120
Under Arms $20
Half Arms $45
Full Arms $65
Bikini $35
Brazilian $50
Hands $10
Feet $10
Buttocks $35
Nipples $10
Full Face (Eyebrows Not Included) $35
Full Body (Lip, Legs, Under Arms, & Brazilian) $195

For Him

Eyebrows $25
Ears $10
Full Legs $165
Under Arm $25
Half Arms $55
Full Arms $85
Shoulder $35
Half Back $45
Back $65
Abs $45
Ches $45
Brazilian $85
Brazilian Male Bikini $65


Lash Lift & Tinting

Never use an eyelash curler again! The Lash Stuff Lash Lift is a new innovative way to perm your natural eyelashes with a dramatic gorgeous curl that lasts 6-8 weeks. Effective, lasting results in just 40 minutes.

Contact us today to get started!

Lash Lift $60
Lash Tint $25
Eyebrow Tint $25