What to Look for in an Authentic Brazilian Wax

Whether you have the self-care routine of a caveman or your bathroom looks like your own personal spa, it is important to turn to the professionals to make sure that you are looking and feeling your best. Getting a Brazilian wax can have a multitude of cosmetic and health benefits, but only if the treatment is being done right. In today’s post, we tell you what you need to look for when scheduling an authentic brazilian wax.

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The Right Wax for the Right Body Part

When it comes to the waxes used for removing body hair – like many other things – one size does not fit all. Most importantly, you don’t want the same wax that is used on less sensitive areas like the legs or forearms to be used on your privates. When you get a Brazilian wax, a strip-free wax that adheres to hair without sticking to the skin should always be used to prevent unnecessary pain and discomfort. At Bye Bye Hair Brazilian Wax in Roswell, we use hard honey wax to ensure that your waxing treatment is as quick and comfortable as possible.

Sugaring and Waxing Options

Have you found body waxing to be especially painful? Sometimes, it’s not a matter of “toughening up.” If you have extra-sensitive skin, traditional and hard honey waxing treatments can be unbearable. Don’t let this keep you from getting the Brazilian wax that you need. Instead, ask your salon about sugaring alternatives. Sugaring is a simple combination of lemon juice, sugar, and water that is heated to a taffy-like consistency and applied at the same temperature as your body. Sugaring is resin free, so it only adheres to the targeted hair and dead skin, preventing the pain caused when other waxes rip up healthy skin. Contact Bye Bye Hair Brazilian Wax for the most comfortable and accommodating body hair removal treatments in Roswell.

Licensed and Experienced Professionals

If you are going to a salon or waxing studio this may sound a little obvious, but make sure that the individual doing your treatments is a licensed cosmetologist. If done incorrectly, a Brazilian wax can have adverse side effects including, but not limited to, painful ingrown hairs, unsightly acne breakouts, and a build up of toxins and fatty tissues in your private area. Any experienced waxing professional should also apply a soothing serum to your skin after the treatment to moisturize the areas and prevent ingrown hairs. All hair removal should be left to the professionals, so contact Bye Bye Hair Brazilian Wax in Roswell to schedule your next treatment.

Whether you want to look your best for that upcoming vacation or hair removal is a regular part of your self-care routine, you need to make sure that you get your Brazilian wax done right. Next time you go in for your treatment, be sure that the cosmetologist has the right wax for a Brazilian, ask about sugaring options if you have extra-sensitive skin, and check to make sure there are cosmetic licenses on display in the studio. You can thank us later. Keep up with our blog for the latest in the world of waxing and personal care, and if contact Bye Bye Hair Brazilian Wax in Roswell to schedule and authentic brazlian wax!