What to Expect During Your First Brazilian Wax

If you’re here because you’ve decided to get your first Brazilian wax, welcome to Bye Bye Hair Brazilian wax! If you’re not sure if you want a Brazilian wax, take some time to learn more about the process.

A Brazilian wax can vary slightly from place to place, but you can always call to make sure the Brazilian wax you’re scheduling includes everything you want.

Schedule your Brazilian wax with one of our amazing technicians at Bye Bye Hair Brazilian Wax in Roswell today!

What Is Brazilian Wax?

Generally, a Brazilian wax is a type of bikini wax that removes all the hair down there. While a bikini wax just focuses on the bikini line, a Brazilian wax will leave you entirely hair-free, including those hard-to-reach areas in the back!


If you’re getting a Brazilian wax, you want your hair to be at least ¼-inch long. This gives the wax enough hair to hold on to. If your hair is longer than that, a technician will trim your hair to the right length. In fact, waxing with hair any longer than ¼-inch will give you a more painful experience.

The Arrival

If it’s your first time getting a Brazilian wax, the salon will have you fill out a questionnaire that checks for any circumstances or conditions that would make you unable to get waxed.

Then, you will be taken back to a private room where the technician will help you get ready for your Brazilian wax. This will involve deciding if the area needs powder or oil before waxing. If hard wax is being used — like the hard honey wax we use at Bye Bye Hair Brazilian Wax — applying oil to the area can help protect the skin while allowing the wax to better cling to coarse hair. On the other hand, if your salon chooses soft wax, powder will help absorb unwanted oil that can keep the wax from sticking to the hair while also providing a coating that keeps the wax from sticking to your skin.

Once your technician decides between powder and oil, they will apply warm wax onto the area using an applicator. Hard wax doesn’t use a strip, so your technician will wait for it to dry before removing. With soft wax, a cloth will be placed over the wax before being removed.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Wax

If you’ve never had a Brazilian wax done before, you might be nervous about the pain that comes from the wax. If you’re tense and unable to relax during your appointment, the actual waxing portion can be more painful.

Instead, you’ll want to lay back and listen to your technician. You’ve chosen an experienced technician who is there to help walk you through your appointment. In addition, it’s good to remember that wax can’t be applied over the skin more than once, so your technician will work to clear your hair quickly and effectively.

Schedule Your Brazilian Wax Today!

We hope you feel ready for your first Brazilian wax! While the type of wax used and the technicians technique might vary from location to location, you can have a general idea of what to expect with an Brazilian wax. Schedule your appointment today at Bye Bye Hair Brazilian Wax in Roswell and get rid of your unwanted bikini hair!