Home v. Salon Waxing: Which Gives You Better Results?

You may be tempted to DIY certain beauty treatments at home, either because they seem more affordable or because they seem straightforward. But certain treatments, such as hair removal waxing, should be left to the professionals in order to receive a higher-quality result. Our Bye Bye Hair Brazilian Wax experts explain why salon waxing tends to yield better, longer-lasting results and why this is one skin beatification method you should leave to a professional.

Experience Level Matters

The most easily identifiable benefit of salon waxing and hair removal treatments is that they are performed by experienced estheticians. These professionals are educated about the process and know how to perform it correctly, minimizing any discomfort or pain; they can also identify when skin issues or irritations arise and can treat them accordingly. Unless you yourself are a beautician who specializes in waxing, an at-home DIY session can be painful and likely won’t give you the gorgeous, smooth results you want. Booking a salon appointment ensures every area will be waxed and taken care of properly, so you have no stary patches of hair.

Fast, Easy Procedures

Bye Bye Hair Brazilian Wax’s hair removal specialists have everything all ready for you as soon as you arrive for an appointment. A comfortable treatment table is all set up; the waxing supplies are all prepped; and all you need to do is lie back and relax. This is a major benefit of going to a salon — you can just walk right in and you're well on your way to smooth, beautiful skin. If you’re trying to wax yourself at home, you’ll have to block out a significant amount of time and do all the research yourself; it’s up to you to find the right products and methods, and then actually remove the hair. You’re far more likely to get better results, and give yourself much-needed free time, by visiting a professional waxer.

High-Quality Products

There are a variety of hair removal products available, and some work better for different types of skin. Salons like Bye Bye Hair Brazilian Wax have high-quality products and waxing mixtures that are perfect for sensitive skin without sacrificing results. Not only that, but these treatments also last for weeks and, with consistency, can make your hair grow back finer and less dense. Salon beauticians know which products leave your skin feeling the best it has ever felt, saving you the trouble of purchasing them yourself. It can get expensive to give yourself a spa-level waxing and you may unintentionally use a product that’s hard on your skin.

Timing Is Everything

Home hair removal tends to take much, much longer than salon hair removal. This is because it’s up to you to get comfortable, apply the wax to the correct areas, remove the hair, and not miss any patches. Much like curling your own hair or manicuring your own nails, it’s harder to do yourself and will not be as beautiful. Expert estheticians are capable of waxing any area of your body in an efficient manner without missing any hair; they can see exactly what needs to be done without looking in a mirror and can have you all taken care of in much less time.

Choose High-Quality Salon Hair Removal

If you’re going to treat yourself to luxurious skin, you want it to last for weeks and be on all areas of your body. Trust your hair removal waxing to Bye Bye Hair Brazilian Wax’s beauticians and enjoy beautiful, affordable results in no time. Book an appointment online, and learn more about the spa services we offer!