When it comes to removing unwanted hair, waxing and sugaring are an efficient process that can lengthen the time between shaving. But what’s the difference between them? 

The Difference Between Waxing And Sugaring

Wax is made from a melted wax that is warmed and applied to your skin in the direction your hair grows. Then a cloth is applied and the wax solidifies before the cloth is ripped off.  

On the other hand, sugaring uses a gel or paste that is heated up and applied to your skin. This time, however, it’s applied in the opposite direction your hair grows. When the cloth is ripped off, it irritates your skin less since it’s removed in the same direction your hair grows. 

When to Choose Sugaring 

Some areas of your body are more sensitive, including your upper lip, chest, and bikini area. Since sugaring pulls less on the skin, it can feel less painful than traditional waxing.

If your skin is especially sensitive and traditional forms of waxing are too painful, opt for sugaring!

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