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Brazilian Wax Aftercare


• Don't swim, tan and workout for 24 hours after waxing.

• Don't use products that contain alcohol on the waxed area.

• Don't shave between waxes, this distorts the hair growth cycle.

• Don't apply lotion right before the waxing treatment.

• Don't trim hair too short (hair length should be 1/4-inch).

• Don't let the hair grown too long, that increase the pain.

• Don't Take alcohol (and other stimulants such as caffeine) prior to waxing, stimulants tighten the pores.


• Exfoliate and hidrate the area waxed to avoid ingrown hair.

• Let your waxer know before your appointment if you have any allergies, health conditions, or are taking any medication, like Accutane, or if you are using any topical lotions or creams like AHAs or Retin-A, which are not compatible with waxing. 

• Do regular waxing treatment, that will reduce pain and ingrown hair.